Makonnen Wodajeneh is a writer, photographer, educator and videographer born and raised in Ethiopia. He studied at Addis Ababa University and later at Ştefan Gheorghiu Academy, Romania, where he received a BA degree in Journalism. Makonnen spent the early years of his working life as one of Ethiopia's broadcast journalists, but fled his country in 1984 for political reasons. He settled in the United Kingdom since then. He followed his passion and developed himself through higher education; and was awarded a Master’s degree in Film and Television Studies for Education by the Institute of Education, University of London. Makonnen spent many years working in the further education sector; while at the same time acquired further qualifications in counselling skills and teaching. Inspired by his various experiences of travelling and residing in different countries with different political and economic systems, he has built up a considerable portfolio of poetry, photography and videography. Makonnen is currently preparing to publish a collection of some of his written works, some which were written during his teen years.  The compilation of his poetry will be published in both English and his native language, Amharic.

National TV Program Producer
The Asylum Seeker

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